Heart of Missouri United Way is excited to announce the ASPIRES Project, a capacity-building partnership with the City of Columbia. This project continues a meaningful partnership between United Way and the City and allows us to significantly expand the capacity of our community’s nonprofit organizations.

The ASPIRES Project will bring much-needed resources to our community and the nonprofit organizations serving those who are most vulnerable. This will be done by using an evidence-based organizational assessment tool to identify organizational challenges and opportunities, identify and prioritize capacity needs, and develop an action plan.

The assessments will be used to identify collective trends within the participating nonprofit organizations. These participating organizations can use their assessment results to request ASPIRES Project funding for their most critical capacity building need. The ASPIRES Project has built-in measures designed to maintain the ongoing knowledge of a nonprofit organization’s advancement and address needs as prioritized by the assessment.

The ASPIRES Project will also deliver quarterly capacity building information sessions, which are open to any local nonprofit organization. Information session sign-ups will be limited to first come first served. All updated ASPIRES Project information will be shared on the Heart of Missouri United Way website.

Overall, the goal of the ASPIRES Project is to increase the capacity of local nonprofit organizations, the nonprofit sector, and our community’s infrastructure.


Contact office@uwheartmo.org for more information.