Equity Challenge

Learn how you can transition from being an ally to being a leader in the fight for equity; You can help end racism and build a community in which people’s outcomes in life are not determined by their skin color. 


Through seven weeks of equity challenges, you will gain awareness and understanding of racism, which asserts itself in nearly all aspects of our daily lives. During the challenge you will receive an email each week with an overview of the weekly topic, a short reading, and a video that dives deeper into that subject. We encourage you to take your time with these resources, reflect on the questions, and sit with what you are learning. We encourage you to use the Challenge Activity Guide to record your thoughts and process your feelings through this journey. 


If you find a resource helpful in your journey to becoming a leader in the fight against racism, please share information, your personal reflections, and invite others to take the Heart of Missouri United Way Equity Challenge. Please support our work on social media by using the hashtags #UnitedforEquity #UnitedAgainstRacism #LIVEUnited. Include us in the dialogue on IG and Twitter: @uwheartmo and on Facebook: @HeartofMissouriUnitedWay


The Heart of Missouri United Way Equity Challenge was adapted from the United Way of Washtenaw Equity Challenge, to increase local relevance.