Campaign Goals

75 – This is the 75th anniversary of the United Way in mid-Missouri. That’s 75 years of commitment, investment in our communities, sustainability and growth!


91 – The United Way has generated over $91M dollars of support during those 75 years for our kids, our families, our neighbors and our communities. Incredible to think about that type of investment over that time!


3 – Our goal for the 2021 United Way Community Campaign is $3M. This represents about a 7% increase over last year. Our focus has been on this being the “floor” of our goal and we want to exceed it. We are on pace, but we need to keep it going!

5,000 – We are focused on expanding the donor base throughout mid-Missouri.  In 2020, we had about 4,500 donors. Our goal is to hit (and exceed!) 5,000 donors for this year. Whether folks give $5/year, $50/year, $500/year or whatever they feel comfortable, we are really encouraging folks to join our donor team at United Way.

29 – The most important part of our entire message is we have 29 amazing United Way agencies in mid-Missouri. 29 amazing servant leadership teams in our communities serving 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thanks to ALL of you!


Help us reach our goal. Donate today!