How Funding Works

Staggered funding cycles

Heart of Missouri United Way currently provides funding to 33 local agencies in Boone, Cooper and Howard Counties whose programs and services fall into one or more of four community impact areas:

  • Education: helping children and youth achieve their potential through education by increasing the number of our community's youth who are ready to succeed in school and life.

  • Financial Stability (Income): working to reduce the number of financially unstable families and individuals and support their financial independence.

  • Health: working to increase the number of residents who make healthy choices.

  • Basic Needs (Safety Net): investing in services for families and individuals experiencing times of need and empowering them to improve their future.

Requests for funding for each community impact area are staggered by year. Funding for approved agencies is dispensed in three-year intervals for Education, Health and Financial Stability (Income) programs, and in two-year intervals for Basic Needs (Safety Net) programs. Please refer to the funding cycle below to see when requests for funding will be available by community impact area through 2020.

Site visits explained

As mentioned in the timeline above, site visits for health agencies will take place in February and March and are an integral part of the review process of a funding request. Advisory Council members who have reviewed the funding request will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with agency personnel, ask questions and tour facilities. Of equal importance is the opportunity for agency personnel to meet the council members and ask questions about United Way's review process. The site visits add a valuable human services touch to the funding process.