Community Impact

Heart of Missouri United Way addresses the four key targets that contribute to poverty: lack of access to education, health, income and safety net services. This approach is known as the community impact model. Together, with the caring help of our local partner agencies and generous donors, United Way will help improve academic success, worforce readiness, financial literacy, healthy lifestyles and access to clothing, food and shelter of those in need right here in our local community.



For more than 65 years, Heart of Missouri United Way has mobilized the caring power of community resources to serve people in need in mid-Missouri. Now, Heart of Missouri United Way has embarked on a transformational change through a new service model called Community Impact.

The Community Impact model takes us far beyond our traditional fundraising model. While helping people with their needs today through Safety Net services, it also creates deep and lasting changes by addressing the underlying elements that are the building blocks for successful lives and communities: Education, Income, Health, and Safety Net.

Helping children succeed in school.

Increasing financial stability and workforce readiness.

Improving people’s health and wellness.

Safety Net
Responding to immediate emergency needs and promoting volunteerism.

A coordinated investment strategy that focuses on these underlying elements is the most effective way to reduce poverty and change conditions in our community.

But we cannot reach our goals with dollars alone.

We are working to promote and provide opportunities for community engagement, foster collaborations of businesses, non-profits and community leaders, and mobilize the full breadth of our community’s assets - people, knowledge, relationships, technology and money - to implement our Community Impact plan.

Through Community Impact, we will improve the lives of people facing the greatest challenges and ultimately our entire community. Together, we will see change. We will see Community Impact.

For more information about Community Impact, contact Hany White, M.Ed., Community Impact Director, by phone (573.443.4523) or e-mail (

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Community Impact Partnership Opportunities for Community Organizations

Community Impact Strategic Planning Process Timeline

Community Impact Strategic Planning Process Narrative

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