Certified Partner Resources

Already funded:

Annual partner review documents are due NO LATER THAN 3:00PM ON OCTOBER 31. Updates must be made through your Apricot Organizational Profile. 

Already Certified and intend to apply for funding: 

 BY OCTOBER 31st your organization must contact Courtney Daviess cdaviess@uwheartmo.org to confirm the organizations intentions to apply for funding. Your organization must participate in a full annual partner review prior to being eligible to apply for funding during the next open Request for Proposal (RFP). Annual partner review documents are due NO LATER THAN 5:00PM ON OCTOBER 31st. Annual review documents and information must be updated/submitted through your Apricot Organization Profile.
Attached: “Partner Agency Certification Renewal – Requirements and Guidelines” – Updates must be made in your Apricot Organizational Profile no later than 5:00pm on October 31.
Questions related to agency status and certification may be directed to Courtney Daviess, Assistant Director of Community Impact (CDaviess@uwheartmo.org).