Submit Letter of Intent

Heart of Missouri United Way accepted Letters of Intent from Health-focused agencies interested in applying for funding through December 29, 2016. This process is now closed. Thanks to all the agencies that applied!

Funding opportunities for Education, Income and Safety Net will be available in future years as funding cycles rotate. For more information, please visit our How Funding Works page.

Health Targets

Increase the number of residents who:

  • Eat well and are physically active
  • Avoid substance abuse, smoking and teen pregnancy
  • Access physical, mental and dental healthcare

Community Health Improvement Plan

Indicate how your program or services fit within the context of the CHIP:

  • How would success in your programs influence community-level indicators in the CHIP?
  • How are you collaborating with others in furthering the goals of the CHIP?


To view CHIP resources from the City of Columbia/Boone County, please click the links below:

2014 Columbia/Boone County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

CHIP Annual Report 2015