CCUA Harvest Day

I had the opportunity to volunteer with CCUA at Benton Elementary School on their Harvest Day. The main focus was for the children to learn about eggs - where they come from and ways we can cook them that are beneficial for our bodies. The children had the opportunity to pet a live hen and also see a demonstration on how to make omelets as well as eat the omelets. I really enjoyed being able to participate and interact with the children. Their excitement for learning about eggs was contagious.

Stop Giving Nonprofit Overhead a Bad Rap

If you’ve ever set foot on a plane, you probably remember the flight attendant going through the emergency checklist. She showed you how to undo a seatbelt, use the provided life raft, and, of course, secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others. 

Similarly, a nonprofit can’t change the world if it doesn’t take care of itself first — whether that’s updating its technology or paying its staff appropriately. Yet, not everyone recognizes this concept.

How to make a difference when you have no time...

By Courtney Daviess, Heart of Missouri United Way, Volunteer Engagement Associate
Search online for charitable organization’s needs. Heart of Missouri United Way can inform you of most of the local charities/agencies in Columbia. Visit our site at for local needs and volunteer opportunities. Here are a few easy ways to get started when time isn't always on your side.